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Healthy Swaps: Using Egg Substitutes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Looking for some healthy tweaks to add more nutrition to your meals?

I'm always wanting healthier alternatives.

Especially when it allows me to enjoy delicious meals without the guilt.

These alternatives cut out the empty carbs/sugar that are void of nutrition and replace them with protein and essential nutrients.


Here are 3 of my delicious egg substitutes for a healthier lifestyle.


#1 Egg Tortillas

(For tacos, wraps, or roll-ups)

Here's some pictures to give you a visual of how I cook them.


Whisk eggs and a bit of salt in a bowl and cook them in an oiled skillet as you would pancakes.


Just pour small, tortilla size circles and cook them on both sides.

It's super simple and takes only minutes.

I mainly use them for tacos, but my kids love it if I roll up a slice of avocado, cheese, or turkey in it too.



#2 Egg Lasagna Noodles


Instead of making a lasagna with traditional noodles (that are loaded with empty carbs and void of nutrients)…


Use eggs instead!


I make them exactly like the tortillas I mentioned above.


Just pour a thin layer of egg in a greased skillet and cook like you would a pancake.

Then cut or tear them to fit the dish as you layer it.


The goal is to get a thin sheet of cooked egg to use as the noodle layer in a lasagna.



#3 Raw Egg Smoothie


Now, don’t get grossed out by this one.


I know I did when I first thought of drinking raw egg.


(I can’t even drink eggnog because of the idea that there’s runny egg in there.)


So if this is a stretch for you, start off with just 1 egg and another liquid (like milk or juice).


That’s what I did.


Honestly, I couldn’t even notice it in the slightest.


I now use about 7-8 eggs to make myself and my 3 kids a smoothie.


I simply use frozen fruit (any kind you like) and add raw egg for the liquid portion.


There’s no specific recipe for how much to use.

It all depends on how thick you like your smoothie.


Basically, if you like the smoothie thick, use less egg and more frozen fruit.


If you like it more liquid, use more egg.


My absolute FAVORITE is a Chunky Peanut Butter Banana smoothie.

Simply add frozen over-ripe banana(s), peanut butter, and eggs.


If you like it chunky, add some pumpkin seeds.


OH MY GOSH it’s the best!

I eat it almost every day.

It makes an awesome healthy dessert or even a meal substitute.


I hope you give these ideas a try and let me know how you like them.




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