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-   ABOUT US   -

Hi, we’re Adam and Katie Mason and we’re so happy you’re here.


You’re here because you’re fed up with not trusting where your meat comes from. 

And you have no idea how the animal was raised or how healthy it is. 

You don’t want to feed your family meat you don’t trust. 



That’s why we began HEAL Farms.


We’re SUPER passionate about health.


We’re talking soil health, plant health, animal health and of course, human health.


All of these matter.


Because when they’re managed properly, they work together to provide the tastiest, healthiest, most nutrient dense food there is.

Over a decade ago……


We began our health food journey as a newlywed couple living in the suburbs.


As we learned more, we discovered how corrupt our food system was.


Did you know that “free-range”, “grass-fed” and “organic” labels don’t mean what you’d think they do?


In reality, animals with these “premium” labels are living in filthy conditions and are not healthy at all. 


We were left not knowing where to buy our meat.


Where could we find a farm we could trust?

You know, one with integrity who lived up to the standards they advertise.


We decided the only way to ensure the purity of our food was to grow it ourselves.


So we did!

Flash forward 10 years…..


Our vision is to provide peace of mind to families (like yours) who want to nourish their bodies with the healthiest food possible.


We understand how finding a trustworthy source for healthy food is challenging.


We’re here to help you. 


Let us be a part of your journey to health and healing.


So you’ll feel confident with a peace of mind about the food you and your family eat.


Finally, you’ve found the farmers you can trust..

“After trying HEAL Farms meat, I can never go back to buying meat from the grocery store. Yours is the best I’ve ever had and I am hooked!” -Terri

Guess what else?


When you buy from us, you not only feed your family, but you help feed other families in need.


HEAL Farms donates a portion of every sale to HEAL.


A non-profit that provides impoverished communities with education and resources to build agricultural systems to help them grow their own food.

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